Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Different ways to sharpen your memory!

Eat right: Eating healthy is not always about having a good figure, but it’s necessary to eat the right food for your brain too, especially foods which are high in antioxidants. For sharp memory, you can include: Blueberries, nuts, fish, avocados, coffee, Greek yoghurt and eggs in your meal.

Listen to music: Music is one such thing that can have a great impact on your mood. Listening to Baroque music while studying can be really helpful. Also, YouTube has certain playlists that can help you to concentrate better and sharpen your memory.

Stay hydrated: Consume water at frequent intervals. If you remain dehydrated, you will tend to lose focus and find it difficult to concentrate. Of course, if you drink too much of water at a time, it won’t be of any help. It should be in appropriate proportion and on a regular basis.

Keep revising: Rehearsing what you want to remember is the best way to keep things intact in your mind. The more you repeat it, the better and longer it will stay in your mind, which will automatically sharpen your memory.

Challenge your brain: Keeping your brain active is one of the best ways to sharpen it. Play tricky games, take up tasks that are challenging for you, it works as an exercise for the brain. Many ‘Brain Fitness’ programs have also come up. Take naps: As per experts, taking a 20 minutes power nap is very helpful to boost your memory. Even though you think that it cannot do wonders to your memory, it actually does! It relaxes your mind making it easier for you to remember things.

Use mnemonics: Creating mnemonics is a very effective technique. You can use rhyme and rhythm to remember things. Use your own sense of humor to feed things in your mind and make it last longer.

Visualize: Whenever you need to remember something, associate it with a memorable person, color, or anything else. Later when you recall that memorable item, it will lead to visualization of what you’re actually trying to remember.

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