Tuesday, 9 August 2016

7 simple tips to drive traffic to your blog!

Blogs are a great platform, especially for writers, bloggers, critics, e-commerce entrepreneurs, authors, and photographers. It is possible to express your thoughts, publish articles and stories, increase sales, and more. Being well known for what you write, sell, or photograph says a lot about you and your work.  However, you cannot develop a website overnight and expect millions of readers and followers right away. Setting up a successful blog needs patience, dedication, and basic knowledge of how to drive traffic to your website.
1. Research: Remember to research well before launching your blog. This can help you figure out your competitors, save you from name duplication, know what genre has not been covered yet, and more.
2. Domain name: Your brand or domain name plays a major role. The name of your website or blog should be easy to remember and easy to spell. Complicated words may not impress your readers or customers. So, make sure that your audience can relate to the name. In addition, before finalising the domain name, check that the name has not been taken by another blogger already.  
3. Keywords: Inserting keywords in every blog post might not be easy. You need to do your homework well and to look for keywords that are trending online. If you can afford it, hire a search engine optimisation (SEO) expert for this job. An SEO expert will guide you regarding the keywords that could increase readership on your blog.
4. Be original:  Make sure to post original content on your blog or website. Never plagiarise from other websites. If the search engine detects that your content is not original, it will stop prioritising your blog or website. Your priority should be to post original and accurate content as well as give credit to other sources. This will make your online content more valuable and help it stand out from other content on the web.
5. Guest writers: Articles from experts in a specific subject could be a boon for your blogFor instance, let us say you have a blog on social service. You could seek out social updates from founders of NGOs, municipal authorities, social workers, and so on. Such initiative can add reliability and bring quality traffic to your blog.
6.Use a multimedia strategy: Add high-resolution photos and videos on your blog.  Converting some of your written content into an infotainment video, infographics, or even comic strips could attract more online engagement. You could keep the video subscription free during the initial stage. Posting interview videos and useful links could also lead more readers to your web page.
7.Social media: Make social media your top priority in order to drive traffic to your blog. You cannot expect readers to land up on our website if you have not spread brand awareness via social media. Inviting readers via social media platforms can increase readership and viewership on a massive scale.
P.S. - This work is produced by Simplus Information Services Pvt Ltd.

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