Wednesday, 21 September 2016

How to grab a free business class upgrade!

Flying first class or business class isn't really affordable at all times for most of us. But a free upgrade never hurt anyone. However, getting an upgrade without really paying for it can be tricky and a lot depends on your luck as well as the effort you put in depending on how badly you want it. If you've always wanted to experience flying business class, here are some handy tricks that many have tried and were successful too.

1. Dress for an upgrade

Turning up at the airport in your track pants will lessen your chances of getting upgrade. Instead, dress up formally and in your best business attire to look like you belong to be in business class. And if luck would have it and there are empty seats, you may just get bumped up to it.

2. Reach the airport early

By early we mean way in advance like four-five hours before your flight. This is because the later you come, the lesser are your chances of getting an upgrade. Most flights may have one or two free upgrades and the sooner you turn up, the better your chances of getting them. You can even politely ask for it and if you are on your honeymoon or are a little flirty with the staff, you can get lucky.

3. Travel during bank holidays

If you are flying at a time when there are less travelers in the business class, you are likely to get an upgrade. So book a flight when it is a bank holiday and most businessmen aren't really flying for work. Turn up early at the airport and ask for an upgrade.

4. Be loyal to an airline company

Enroll for a loyalty program and fly the same airline every time. This way you will earn some reward points and the staff is likely to upgrade you before others in line. Being loyal pays and you can put it to good use for an upgrade.

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