Monday, 19 September 2016

Apple iPads drop their prices heavily!

In a new development that could hint at Apple commercially releasing its newest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in India soon, the technology giant has slashed the prices of its currently selling iPads in the country. The latest price cuts amount to as much as up to Rs.10,000.
As per a BGR report, Apple has even resorted to introducing upgraded storage variants of its current-gen iPads and these are available for purchase across India.
This means that consumers who have wanted to purchase an Apple iPad for quite some time, but were fretting about the high price-tag of the slates, can do so now without having to part with an entire month's worth of savings.
The Apple iPads that have received price-cuts and their new price-tags are:
Apple iPad Air 2 (128GB Wi-Fi edition)New price – Rs. 40,000; old price – Rs. 50,000
Apple iPad Air 2 (128GB Wi-Fi and Cellular edition): New price – Rs. 49,000; old price – Rs. 59,000
Apple iPad Pro 9.7-inch (128GB Wi-Fi edition): New price – Rs. 58,000; old price – Rs. 62,000
Apple iPad Pro 9.7-inch (128GB Wi-Fi and Cellular edition): New price – Rs. 70,000; old price – Rs. 74,000
Apple iPad Mini 4 (128GB Wi-Fi and Cellular edition): New price – Rs. 50,000; old price – Rs. 53,000.
Newer storage variants
The 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro (Wi-Fi edition) is offered in a 256GB variant priced at Rs. 82,000. Similarly, the Wi-Fi and Cellular edition of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is available in a 256GB variant (Wi-Fi edition) at Rs. 94,000.
Apple slashes prices of older iPhones in the U.K. post the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
The Apple iPhone 6S is now priced at £599 (Rs. 54,000), thereby representing a £100 difference from the handset's original price tag of £699 (Rs. 62,000).
The upgraded 32 GB iPhone 6S variant can be purchased for £40 (Rs. 3,500) less than the 16GB variant. The price of the 32 GB iPhone 6S edition is £499.
The Apple iPhone 6S Plus can be purchased at £599 (for the 32 GB variant). A 128 GB edition of the iPhone 6S Plus will cost £799 (Rs. 70,000), thus representing a £90 discount in pricing.

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