Saturday, 30 July 2016

Traditional foods to fight "cough & cold"!


Kadha is a classic herbal drink used by our grandparents during monsoon and winters. This drink is helpful to prevent cold and cough and is made from the spices and herbs that you can find in your kitchen such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, pepper, fennel seeds, tulsi, ginger, etc. A glass of warm kadha will definitely give good results for cold and body aches.

Turmeric milk
Remember those childhood days when our mothers tried to make us a drink a cup of turmeric milk aka haldi doodh when we were down with cold or had got bruised or cut somewhere on the body. Turmeric milk has been used since ages as home remedy for cold and cough. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, honey, and pepper work wonders on a sore throat and help you sleep well too.

Chicken soup

For foodies who love to have a tasty home remedy, chicken soup is the best comfort and healing food during the rainy season. A cup of Chinese hot and sour chicken soup or a traditional country chicken soup made with ground spices such as cumin seeds, pepper corns, garlic, ginger, and coriander is sure to alleviate the symptoms of cold and makes you feel better instantly.

Herbal chutneys/Rasam
Herbs and greens are God’s gifts to us. Each herb/greens used in Indian cuisine has a specific health benefit. You can make a variety of chutneys and rasam from ajwain leaves, thai nightshade, betel leaves, tulsi, coriander seeds, garlic, ginger, cumin seeds, and even horse gram. All these herbs and pulses are known for their effect against common cold and are regular ingredients used in the daily cooking of many Indian homes. Just a take a sip of piping hot rasam and feel your nasal passages and sinuses getting cleared.

Pepper and honey mix
Powdered black pepper mixed with honey is a simple and effective option to cure monsoon ailments. Take a pinch of finely powdered pepper and mix it with a teaspoon of honey. Consuming this daily morning will keep cold and other phlegm related ailments at bay. You can also add julienned ginger to this for better results.

Palm sugar candy milk
Palm candy is a natural sweetener and is an ideal option for diabetic patients. This is an often used home remedy to treat cold and cough in children as it tastes so good unlike a medicine. Usually it is paired with turmeric and crushed pepper to give a soothing effect to throat. You can also add powdered spices and nuts to make it as masala milk.

Dry ginger & coriander seeds coffee
Prepared with powdered dry ginger and coriander seeds, this medicinal decoction helps in reducing cold and flu. Basil leaves may also be added for additional health benefits. Palm jaggery is used as sweetener for this coffee. Add some milk for taste.

For those of you wondering isn’t there any solid food that doesn’t taste like medicine but prevents cough and cold, try the Punjabi special Panjiri. Made from whole wheat flour (atta), ghee and sugar, panjiri is a traditional Punjabi dry sweet that has become quite popular in other cities too. You can also add dried coriander and dried fruits and nuts to make this sweet healthier. Edible gum (gond) is also added in panjiri during winters for bringing warmth to the body. This delicious sweet is nutritious and helps boost immunity.

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