Friday, 21 March 2014

Looking ahead.....

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever thought, why the front glass of a car is so large and the rear-view mirror so small?

I have an explanation, hope you'll like it!

It refers that our past is not as important as our future. So always look ahead and be positive...  :)

But as the small rear-view mirror suggests, don't forget to learn from the small mistakes of your past. Especially the one those who've spent quite a long time working hard but not successful yet.

It happens to everyone when we find it hard to carry on through our bad phases. I'd suggest them to stop thinking negatively about the past and focus on the future with positive intent. I'm sure you'll succeed, just keep looking ahead and act accordingly.

P.S. - I hope next time when you sit in a car, you'll remember this small positive information.

Lot's of positive energy to everyone who need it....  :D

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