Tuesday, 10 December 2013

BCCI to blame for Team India's poor show?

It's very hard to digest the 2 successive defeats(big margin) of the No. 1 ODI team in the world. 

There's a no. of reasons behind it, but I'd like to pin-point the major one(personal view). The way BCCI is running is meaningless, it has turned into a successful "Business Enterprise" but not a successful "Cricket Entity".

There was no planning involved behind this tour from the richest Cricket governing body of the world. Certainly a warm-up game or two would have helped and here perhaps it is the BCCI which is to be blamed. Countries like SA, Eng, Aus etc always come to India at least 7-15 days ahead of any tour to acclimatize themselves. There was needlessly haggling over the schedule following ego clashes, a short tour was hastily arranged just after the West Indies had left India. That WI series itself was a bit of an afterthought more in the nature of giving Sachin Tendulkar a fond farewell at home. 

This resulted in a big disadvantage for Team India, while the ODI series started only after 2 days of their landing in South Africa. Now the negative results are speaking for itself & the moral is going down. 

Although we still hope that the young guns of Dhoni will fight back & earn some respect/pride for the country. 

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